How-to Create a WordPress Custom RSS Feed with Image to Replace the Default RSS Feed

The Tutorial Show Step by Step How-to Create a WordPress Custom RSS Feed with Imaget to Replace the Default RSS2 Feed with.

The Procedure is Especially Good when the Default RSS Feed Do Not Work or You Just Want a Different RSS Feed instead of the Default One and So You Urge a WordPress Custom RSS Feed.

The Guide Include all the Commands and Instuctions Involved in Creating a WordPress Custom RSS Feed.

Wordpress Custom RSS Feed - RSS Wave
  1. Access Your Current Template Folder
  2. Create a custom-feed.php File
  3. Inserts:
        return (preg_match('/^(.*)\W.*$/', substr($string, 0, $length+1), $matches) ? $matches[1] : substr($string, 0, $length)) . $replacer;   
      return $string; 
    function catch_that_image() {
      global $post, $posts;
      $first_img = '';
      $output = preg_match_all('//i', $post->post_content, $matches);
      $first_img = $matches[1][0];
      return $first_img;
    $posts = query_posts('showposts='.$numposts);
    $lastpost = $numposts - 1;
    header("Content-Type: application/rss+xml; charset=UTF-8");
    echo '';
  E-mail Update
      The latest blog posts from
      post_date_gmt) ); ?>
      post_date_gmt) ); ?>
    	//Entry modified Adding CDATA... And Now Working!! ;):)
        <?php echo '<![CDATA['.get_the_title($post->ID).']]>'; ?>
        ID); ?>
        post_title.' -" height=328px />
    '.yoast_rss_text_limit($post->post_content, 500).'

    Keep on reading: '.get_the_title($post->ID).''.']]>'; ?>
    post_date_gmt) ); ?> ID); ?>

    Replace with Your Domain!
    Set the “$numposts” Variable to Change the Number of Posts Included in Feed!

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  4. Last Make a New Page

    • The Page Address will be Url of the New RSS Feed
    • Select as Template custom-rss.php
      Wordpress Custom RSS Feed - Set Custom Template
    • Leave Empty the Content!
    • Publish the Page!
  5. Then Your Barely New Feed is Accessible at:

    Example Here: