Coronavirus the Best Natural Care/Protection/Prevention Treatment

Coronavirus Best Natural Remedies for Prevention and Cure

Hi, this Guide Presents the Simplest and Best Natural Medicine for the Coronavirus Prevention and Treatment: Garlic.

The Garlic’s Action is one of the Strongest and Efficient Natural Remedies also for the Coronavirus Hill.

Coronavirus the Best Natural Care/Protection/Prevention/Treatmen - Featured

Garlic’s Medical Treatment

  • Eating Garlic
    First Cut the Clove in 2 on the Vertical Axe and Remove the Bud.
    Then simply Peeling & Mincing one or more Cloves of Garlic and Eating it with Bread or Crackers and Olive Oil.

  • Shallowing Garlic
    Again, like above Cut one or more Clove of Garlic in very Small Pieces and Shallow it with a Glass of Water.

  • Especially relevant: for the Best Results this Practice is mostly suited on Morning before Breakfast.

    Coronavirus the Best Natural Care/Protection/Prevention/Treatmen - Chopped Garlic

Finally, follow with this Salutary Remedies as Long as you Want!

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