Covid 19 Cure Natural Remedies Guide

Natural Remedies for Covid-19 Cure

Hi, the Guide Presents the Simplest and the Best Natural Medicine for the Covid 19 Protection and Cure that is Basically Based on a Healthy Synergetic Action of the following 4 Elements

  • Garlic
  • Honey
  • Water-based Drinks
  • Kefir

The Garlic’s Action is one of the Strongest and most Effective Natural Remedies also for the Covid 19 Virus.

Most noteworthy: Monitoring Body’s Hydration is another Key point to Preserve constantly your Health.

You have to Drink Very Much because this Enhances the Natural Process or Auto Cleaning of the Body through the Explulsion of Impurities.

Furthermore, Water and Garlic combined Action is Cleaning, Detoxing, and Sanitizing your Cells.

Then many kinds of Honeys have a strong Healthy action on Breath System Protection and Immunity, especially those of Eucalyptus and Citron Fruits.

Again Honey is giving you a Boost of Relaxing Energy so keeping you Active and at the same Times Equalizing your Mint and Aiding you keeping your Calm & Confidence Vitally.

Especially relevant: it’s of Fundamental importance to Keep a Little and Essential Diet, limiting the Quantity of Foods assumed and concentrate on Aliments containing Vitamins and that Aid the Gastrointestinal Transit and the Immunitary System like: Vegetables containing Fibers and Kefir.

Finally, when you are Hill it’s always of Principal Importance continuing Evacuating Body’s Dross through Urination and Defecation.

Extra insight: the Covid-19 transmission is hugely based on Paper Banknotes Exchanges, so preferably use Cards or take the due Hygienic Precautions!

Covid 19 Treatment Natural Remedies Guide - Featured

Garlic’s Medical Treatment

  • Eating Garlic
    First Cut the Clove in 2 on the Vertical Axe and Remove the Bud.
    Then simply Peeling & Mincing one or more Cloves of Garlic and Eating it with Bread or Crackers and Olive Oil.

  • Shallowing Garlic
    Again, like above Cut one or more Clove of Garlic in very Small Pieces and Shallow it with a Glass of Water.

  • Especially relevant: for the Best Results this Practice is mostly suited on Morning before Breakfast.

    Covid 19 the Best Natural Care/Protection/Prevention/Treatmen - Chopped Garlic

Finally, follow with this Salutary Remedies as Long as you Want!

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